About Us

Please sign up to join us Mon-Fri at the School of Public Health (SPH) East Side (closest to Xfinity Center) under the overhang starting January 30th. Practices now start at 5pm!

Our mission is to support and encourage a healthy approach to running and training for all members of the University of Maryland. We provide an atmosphere in which runners of all abilities can meet each other, share running knowledge and simply enjoy running together as well as compete against other club college teams.

    Want to join? Click the button below for a quick overview of some key information about the club, as well as step by step process on how to officially become a member!

  • Instructions on How to Join

Want to race? Run a time trial or sign up for an independent meet. If you beat a club record, click the button below to submit evidence(s) in the form of official race results, hand-times, phone race video, gps results

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