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Ayo Club Runners!


Fresh from a race as an unattached athlete at an undisclosed Pennsylvania university? No? Well, if you’re looking for a chance to compete this semester, this weekend is your last chance, AND your second to last chance, to race on the track with us this semester. TWO MEETS IN ONE WEEKEND! Be sure to smash that mother-loving signup form button before Monday at midnight.


Table of Contents

  1. Widener Recap
  2. Paul Kaiser and UMBC
  3. Frederick Half Marathon Signups
  4. Apparel is Here
  5. Study Hours
  6. Social Event Update
  7. Terrapin Triathlon (THIS WEEKEND)
  8. Training
  9. Spring Meet Schedule
  10. Spring Intramurals (RIP)
  11. Underclassmen Diner Social
  12. Running2win
  13. Website/Blog
  14. Inspiration
  15. Info Packet for New Members


Widener Recap

Congratulations to everyone who ran at Widener this weekend despite the logistic hiccups. Special congratulations to Shannon Young for her new club record in the women’s 10k and Clay Buckman for his new club record in the men’s 400m!


And now, for an outsourced meet recap from actual sports journalist Ryun Anderson! LINK


Paul Kaiser and UMBC

Signups for Paul Kaiser and UMBC will close this Monday at 11:59PM.  To reiterate, we will be attending both the Paul Kaiser Invite in Shippensburg, PA, on Saturday April 27th and the Retriever Invitational at UMBC on Sunday, April 28th. Signups for both of these meets will go out later this week. You can choose to go to either, or both meets, depending on which meet you think suits you the best. Here’s a short description of the meets to get you thinking about which one (or two) you’d like to attend:


Paul Kaiser

  • D3 level competition
  • Large breadth and volume of competition, this is a very large meet with paces ranging all across the board
  • Approximately a 2-2.5 hour drive
  • A 3k and a 10k! Barring the slim possibility of a 3k at Kehoe, this is your last chance to run an outdoor 3k (for all you record seekers out there), and certainly your last chance to run an outdoor 10k


Paul Kaiser Signups



  • Close, 30 minute drive away from College Park
  • Short, only about a 4 hour meet
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Club level competition, very casual meet where we will most likely be the largest team
  • Events that may not be available at many meets, such as the 3k steeplechase (this is a great place to try it if you never have before), and a Devil’s Take the Hindmost elimination race, where the last runner to finish each lap is eliminated from the competition until one runner is left standing


UMBC Signups

Frederick Half Marathon Signups

Signups for the Frederick Half Marathon will go out tomorrow! Be on the lookout for a sweet email from your VP.


Another batch of apparel has arrived! Here’s a message from your apparel coordinator, Simone Evans:


If you still have a rental singlet and are not racing this weekend, would you be able to return it to me on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday at practice? Thanks!


In other news, some more apparel has arrived! I will be at practice on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 4:50-5:10 to hand it out. Here is a list of what we have (M=mens, W=womens, if no sizes are noted they are all here):


Old stuff from last order:

  • Backpacks
  • M t-shirt
  • M long-sleeve t-shirt
  • M hoody
  • M shorts
  • M sweatpants
  • M Joggers
  • M ¼ zip,
  • W (S, XL) t-shirt
  • W long-sleeve t-shirt
  • W leggings
  • W ½ zip


New stuff from this order:

  • Baseball caps
  • Warmup jackets
  • M joggers
  • M leggings
  • W sweatpants
  • W leggings


If you have any questions about what you ordered you can contact me over text (301-633-2503) or email (”


Study Hours

This week’s study hours will be held in room the Clarice library on Wednesday at 9-11PM. If you’re looking for a place to get your work done, swing through the Clarice and contact your wonderful social chair Ayzhan Murphy if you have any questions.


Social Event Update

A social event is in the works, and we’ll have the the announcement by next week’s email!


Terrapin Triathlon Signups

The Terrapin Triathlon is on campus this weekend! If you’re interested in either doing the full triathlon, running a 5k, or doing a triathlon relay with two friends, make sure you sign up at this link by this Wednesday. The race will be held on the morning of April 28th! If any of you are looking to race a Tri, this is a pretty cheap way to get started ($15).


Facebook Event

Triathlon Signups



The season’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time to get in shape!



Contact Paige for this week’s workouts


Sprinter Training Plan




  • 800-1600 Runners
    • Tuesday’s workout is a 12 minute tempo w/ 400m jog rest, followed by 4 x 200m R-Pace with 200m jog rest, then 2 x 200m with 200m jog rest
    • Wednesday’s workout 6 x 300m with 2 minute jog rest. The first 200m of each should be at R-Pace, and the last 100m should be at F-Pace
  • 5K Runners
    • Tuesday’s workout is a 16 minute tempo with 400m rest, followed by 2 x 200m at R-Pace with 200m jog res, and 2 x 200m at F-pace with 200m jog rest
    • Wednesday’s workout is 4 x 600m with 3 minute rest. The first 200m are at R-pace + 2 seconds, the second 200m is at R - Pace, and the final 200m is at R - Pace - 2 seconds


There have been a lot of questions floating around about what T, I, R, and F pace are. According to resident training plan director Jack Wavering, every pace is based off of T-Pace, which is based off feel.

  • T-Pace is aerobic, and while it should feel aerobically taxing, you should feel controlled while you run it, not straining for breath. My high school coach referred to this as “comfortably uncomfortable”
  • I-Pace stands for “Interval Pace,” and it is 6-7 seconds faster per 400m than T-Pace
  • R-Pace stands for “Repetition Pace,” which is 5-6 seconds faster per 400m than I-Pace
  • F-Pace stands for “Fast Pace”, which is about 4 seconds faster per 400m than R-Pace


For example, if your tempos had been at 6 minute mile pace, then your T-Pace is 1:30, your I-Pace is 1:23, your R-Pace is 1:17, and your F-Pace is 1:13.


Distance Training Plan


For those of you who have just joined, we have training plans for our members to follow, but these training plans are simply suggestions and do not have to be followed (albeit they are pretty successful at helping people run faster). Don’t feel pressured to do a workout you don’t feel you’re ready for, and remember that you can still come to practice even if you aren’t planning on doing the scheduled workout.


For those of you who are just getting back into shape,

  1. Just get out there. Start as small as you can, but then just keep doing it. Consistency is the key to steady improvement. You’ll feel better soon.
  2. Push-ups are a great place to start with strength training. Who needs weights when you are a weight.
  3. Stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle around with you throughout the day and just keep drinking.
  4. Try to find training partners. It’s so much easier to get out there when you have someone to commit to.


Spring Meet Schedule


  • The Kehoe Invitational is a hosted by the varsity track team, and as such they require athletes to hit a qualification standard in order to race. This is the only meet on the schedule that has any kind of qualification standard, every other meet is open to athletes of all skill levels.


Spring Intramurals

Last week was host to two hard fought skirmishes on the soccer field, but unfortunately, to paraphrase The Clash, “We fought other grossly mis-seeded tryhard IM Soccer teams, and those grossly mis-seeded tryhard IM Soccer teams won.”


IM season, for us, is officially over. Thank you to everyone who came out to play this year. I know it’s not easy to put aside an hour to hike out to an IM game, but I hope that everyone had fun. See you all on the IM field next year!


Underclassmen Diner Social

Underclassmen Diner Social, same time, same place. Be at North Campus Diner Thursday right after practice to join us in brainstorming ways to get kicked out of said diner.


Running2win is an online training log where many of us go to log our runs and keep track of our training. It’s a fantastic way to keep up to date with everyone else on the team, get motivated to train, as well as show off some of your own accomplishments so you can get some sweet hits of dopamine as you share your entire life on social media.


You can join by creating an account and then searching for “UMD Club Running” (or use team ID# T-59652160005-23). After that, you can request to join the team so we can all see each other’s running logs.



Save the planet; recycle your email content.


There is a place. A very special place. A special place where runners can exchange banter and memories and running routes with one another. It is our digital home: It’s where you’ll send your friends for info after you tell them how cool running club is. It’s where you’ll send your loved ones when they ask you what the coolest thing about UMD is. Our wonderfully constructed website includes:


  • Race schedules and results for current and past semesters
  • Race records and top 10 rankings for all club events
  • Training plans for the current year / semester (soon)
  • List of our common running routes around College Park
  • A link to our really cool blog where everyone tells their weird stories and discusses various club conspiracy theories


So give the website a look, compose a blog post, and dream up improvements to the website so we can give our webmaster something to do other than play Sekiro and fail a 324 exam with me.


Cue me taking credit for an article that Dan showed me earlier this week.


Who is ready for something totally original that I, and definitely and totally not Dan, came up with? Yes, I was perusing the interwebs during the past week whilst not plagiarizing my work, and I stumbled upon an article about a certain group of runners called the Lostboys. Here’s a short article about this group that I located independently with zero aid from outside parties: Thing that Dan clearly found.


As a TL;DR, Lostboys is essentially the adult version of many of the people on our club: a group of runners that refuse to believe that their running careers are over, and, despite the changing demands of their lives, continue to hammer away miles and train in pursuit of goals that they have only dreamed of in the past. Their central beliefs are that:

  1. There will be ups and downs in your life, running-related or not. The road to your goals is going to be hard. Thus, if you really want to succeed, you can’t be in it just for the goal; you have to enjoy the process as well (tRuSt tHe pRoCEss reeEEEee). If you only enjoy the feeling of crossing the finish line with a PR, getting a great grade on a test, or being recognized for your accomplishments, and don’t get any enjoyment for pounding out the workouts that led to that PR, studying the material hard enough to earn that grade, or working late to get your work right, then you are in it for the wrong reasons. No, you don’t need to be happy all the time, but if you can’t appreciate the journey, then the destination will be hollow.
  2. There’s a point in our lives where we slow down. You’ll reach a point where you don’t think as quickly or run as fast. BUT, that’s certainly no reason to give up on your goals in your 20’s, or even after that. If you really want something, no life change can stop you from reaching for it.
  3. Nobody ever achieved anything alone, which is why it’s so important to find the people who will support you as you shoot for what you want


How does this relate to you? You may be a “sub-elite” athlete with running goals that seem unreachable. You may be a running junkie who has goals that seem unreachable to you. You may be someone on this email list who has never come to practice because you’ve walked away from running to focus on other things (sniff, sniff).


Regardless, you’ve got life goals, running related or not, some of which may look impossible to outsiders. As your life progresses through school and past graduation, the changes your life will go through may convince you that maybe your “childish” dreams may not be possible. No way you could run in an Olympic qualifier or be published in a research journal or be an artist or a musician.


Forget that. The whole point of this club is to foster healthy habits that you can take into other aspects of your life, for the rest of your life. I encourage you all to, like the Lostboys, love the process, deny the naysayers, and find your community that will stop at nothing to help you achieve what you want the most.


I only hope that you find that community of people at every weekday at 5PM, jogging away from SPH with borderline offensively skimpy shorts..


Info Packet for New Members

Hey! New member! Just got added to the email list? Check out this packet for info that you need to register for our club.



Colin SyBing

UMD Club Running, Aspiring Lostboy