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One final email

Before my GPA dies

And summer begins


Please forgive me if you can sense my intensely sorrowful and salty tears through your screen as you read through my final weekly email (at least until I begin randomly bugging you over the summer with memes that I make whilst bored at work). I have decided to channel these feelings into poetry, so kick back and enjoy the most ~intellectually stimulating~ email I could produce with the three brain cells I have left.


Table of Contents

  1. SMR Rolling Study
  2. Last Day of Practice
  4. Training
  5. Running2win
  6. Website/Blog
  7. Inspiration
  8. Info Packet for New Members


SMR Rolling Study

To further science

The lab rats must be gathered

To run with good form


Once again, a graduate student in the Kinesiology department is looking for runners to act as subjects in her study about the effects of foam rolling on running form. If you are interested and will be around this summer to come to the university for some tests, reach out to Jessica Griesemer Hunter at to register for the study.



My rage blazes forth

But cools quickly as I see

Free new clothes for me


Tuesday is your last day to pick up your apparel. After Tuesday, your apparel, which you have already paid for, becomes club property (this includes singlets). Simone will be at practice on both Monday and Tuesday to hand out the remaining apparel, so please make sure that you come to pick it up, otherwise the volume of my wardrobe will spike to previous unprecedented levels.


Last Day of Practice

The runs were joyous

But they flew by us so fast

Until we return


We somehow made it to the end of the semester! While I would love to meet you all to romp around College Park in between finals, it will have to be an unofficial meeting. Our final day of practice is this Tuesday, as we are not allowed to hold practice during exam week. Make sure you get out and exercise during finals though: fitboiz/fitgirlz = smartboiz/smartgirlz



Rest up your bodies

The big runs approach quickly

Let us get this bread


That is all.


Welcoming orange

Stories of champions here

Come and write your own is an online training log where many of us go to log our runs and keep track of our training. It’s a fantastic way to keep up to date with everyone else on the team, get motivated to train, as well as show off some of your own accomplishments so you can get some sweet hits of dopamine as you share your entire life on social media.


You can join by creating an account and then searching for “UMD Club Running” (or use team ID# T-59652160005-23). After that, you can request to join the team so we can all see each other’s running logs.



Digital presence

A public forum for dreams

Write more blog posts please


There is a place. A very special place. A special place where runners can exchange banter and memories and running routes with one another. It is our digital home: It’s where you’ll send your friends for info after you tell them how cool running club is. It’s where you’ll send your loved ones when they ask you what the coolest thing about UMD is. Our wonderfully constructed website includes:


  • Race schedules and results for current and past semesters
  • Race records and top 10 rankings for all club events
  • Training plans for the current year / semester (soon)
  • List of our common running routes around College Park
  • A link to our really cool blog where everyone tells their weird stories and discusses various club conspiracy theories


So give the website a look, compose a blog post, and dream up improvements to the website so we can give our webmaster something to do other than play Sekiro and angrily do 420 homework.


Did these ever work?

Of that, I am still unsure

Let’s try anyway!


Look at you, stressing about finals. Look at you seniors, stressing about your futures. I don’t know about you all, but every time a year of school ends, while I’m caught up trying to pass finals, I always seem to look back at where I was a year ago, and sometimes I go back even farther than that. Often, I cringe heavily at the person I was not too long ago.


For example, four years ago I thought I’d be going to college in California, running on a college cross country team. I listened exclusively to Blink-182 and thought I was edgy because I refused to wear jeans. Four years before that I wanted to be a star soccer player, and I was still too afraid of my barber to tell him that I didn’t want a bowl cut. Four years before that I told my mom I wanted to start playing the flute, right after telling my 3rd grade teacher that I wanted to be a standup comedian.


The point of this? 1) Even if you’re upset with how your semester turned out, just remember that at least you’re not in middle school anymore, and be happy about that. 2) Look at how people are constantly reinventing themselves. You may be bombing finals, you may have no idea where you’re going to work this summer, and you may not know what the next chapter of your life holds. Your life is going to be full of uncertainty, and you’re going to frequently change what you want and where you want to take your life. That uncertainty and those changes are natural, and even the most put together people in the world have hit those sections where they have no clue what they want. There’s a fair to strong chance that you’re going to look back at yourself four years from now, think about all the things you were worried about back then, and have a laugh to yourself about how you’re so over that now.


All the changes in your life have turned you all into wonderful, friendly, talented, driven, down-to-earth people that I see at practice every day. As you start this new chapter, whether it’s just another year of undergrad, or a semester abroad, or your first step into life as an adult, remember who you were before you hit that last chapter of your life. You may have been nervous, apprehensive, and awkward, but you faced the uncertainty of that next chapter in your life, and, in the process, you became who you are today. Celebrate that, and recognize that the challenges facing you now aren’t any different. You’ll live through your finals, you’ll find your direction, and you’ll figure it out, because you did it before, when you were probably way less equipped to do so than you are now.


You got this.


Info Packet for New Members

Joining a bit late?

Well that’s alright don’t worry

Check out this packet!


Hey! New member! Just got added to the email list? Check out this packet for info that you need to register for our club.


Thank you all,

Colin SyBing, Fresh New Poet,

UMD Club Running