A Brief Slam

A certain member of the club, though undeniably our most creative member, is failing to reach his full potential. Strike up a conversation with this fellow and you will certainly be entertained by a broad range of maniacally strung together ideas. Most impressively, however, so many of these ideas come together in a beautiful reality as I’m sure […]

Widener Recap

By Ryun Anderson     April 20th, 2019: the day before Easter. A day when Jake Downing paid homage to the meme gods by finishing 69th in the 1500 on 4/20. And the day when Maryland Club Running “pulled a fast one” (as the youths say) on Widener University. On Saturday, a small squadron of Terrapins traveled to Chester, […]

Nationals Recap

Day 1: Courage, Camaraderie, and Clipboards 7 years ago, a plucky organization of volunteers who had previously planned nothing but half marathons and other road races decided that it was time to expand their race repertoire to better serve the college runners that frequented their races. What they planned next was the first rendition of the NIRCA Spring […]

Capital Relays Meet Recap

Brought to you by the Office of the Treasury               After a spring break filled with road trips, naps and procrastination twenty-three of UMD Club Running’sTm finest descended upon American University. They proceeded to dominate events ranging from a 100m race walk to the 5k. Those who had been to this infamous track before recounted stories of iced […]

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