365 days of running!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello fellow running enthusiasts! While I’m not one to brag I did a thing that I thought would be cool to share. This past year starting December 29th 2016 I decided I would run at least 1.61 kilometers or 1 mile a day for a year. I’m proud to say after 365 days of putting one foot in front of the other I’ve done it. So what does 1 year of running in Rylan’s shoes look like? My physical/spiritual journey took me to 7 states, 6 countries, saw me cover roughly 2,500 miles, destroy 4 pairs of running shoes, drink 18 gallons of chocolate milk, and burn roughly 215,000 calories (for the record that’s 860 packages of peanut M&M’s). I ran through colonial capitals, up volcanos, past giant soybean statues, and even took a stab at the now infamous historic Berwyn running tour. Looking back I’ve found these experiences, extraordinary for a reason, that surprised even myself. Every day I have been fortunate enough to wake up thinking today I’m going to go for a run. Regardless of the weather, location, people, or life situation I could be certain that I would lace up my running shoes and go out for a run. This unwavering commitment to something so small and meaningless might confuse a lot of people, but to me it opened my eyes to the wonders of dedication and passion. Such passion has led me to meet other running obsessed individuals who, even though they put my hat on the flagpole and made fun of my aqua jogging, I would consider some of my most best friends. So where does this leave you, UMD Club Running blog readers. Maybe you’re already an avid runner or perhaps I made you read this and you absolutely detest bipedal movement. Whatever your situation I encourage you to start a streak of your own whether it be running related or not you are sure to find something special from it!

Here’s to many more years of running and new streaks for the new year!

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