A Brief Slam

A certain member of the club, though undeniably our most creative member, is failing to reach his full potential. Strike up a conversation with this fellow and you will certainly be entertained by a broad range of maniacally strung together ideas. Most impressively, however, so many of these ideas come together in a beautiful reality as I’m sure anyone present at formal, track Nat(e)s, the weekly study sessions, or really any club event can attest. Unfortunately, for every successful meme there are some ideas that never come to full fruition. One example that haunts me is a certain blog post that has yet to grace us, and while I respect a lack of deadlines that often yield false promises, the wait is just killing me and I wonder if this post will ever see the light of day. My understanding is that the production of this post has been all but halted by multiple technical shortcomings of pen and paper. To this I propose a solution. It is 2019 and in the word of Patrick Star “we have technology!” When you type out a draft in a word processor you can save the draft with a name and location of your choosing. If you forget where you placed this draft you can even search for it. If you forgot to save the draft Word may have saved the draft on its own. Brother, you are simply walking on this paper, get up and run on this computer. “You keep tryna flex, but you looking like a damn T-Rex.”

(Note: this post is intended to be purely inspirational)

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