Purging the poison of Running2Win in a Strava starved society

Spartans vs. Athenians, Coke vs. Pepsi, Lamborghini vs. Ferrari, Marvel vs. DC, Cowboys vs. Indians. What do all these things have in common? Well their rivalries command a certain place in our hearts. From bloody Peloponnesian conflict to good old fashion western shootouts each of these rivalries have been balanced for centuries as if Justice herself has blindly held the scale. What rivalry do we not see among the pantheon of great debates? Oh, that’s right, Running2Win vs. Strava! Usually I take the high road citing my favorite author Samuel Clemens “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” But I find in this extreme circumstance I can no longer stand by while an oppressive regime seeks to dilute the sacrosanct weekly email in favor of a Running2Win agenda. Put plainly Strava’s superiority is unmatched by any of its peers. According to a source close to the company “They [Strava] have the best interns!” My source also stated that “They [Strava] have a public facing API that any runner can work with and make their own cool stats.” While I am but a lowly dual degree even I can fathom that a public facing API as presented by Strava vastly out does the complicated and distorted product presented by Running2Win. But maybe you don’t mind! Perhaps you can wade through the disgusting soup that congregates upon your internet explorer browser window. So instead of citing the cold hard facts, as many of my fake news counterparts might do, let me present instead a personal anecdote. Last year as a young and eager Freshman I signed up on Running2Win. I then connected the abomination to my Strava therefore allowing both runs and bike rides to be automatically uploaded. While I will spare the gruesome details I, through no fault of my own, ended up on the leaderboards of Running2Win. Some might claim I was cheating hastily pointing out the suspicious patterns of my mercurial fitness. All I can say is the amount of disgusting and upsetting hate mail I received was downright overwhelming. All 2 messages as well as the forum post about myself were thoroughly disheartening. But fear not for I found solace in a community of Cyclists, Triathletes, Skiers, and Runners on a beautiful platform known as Strava. So where do you fit in? Maybe you’re a perspective member, wily alumni, seasoned vet, auspicious newcomer, or curious parent. Your social status does not matter in so far as I have already provided a universal answer. This is not a question of Coke Vs. Pepsi or Marvel vs. DC the debate over Running2Win vs. Strava is nonexistent. Strava is the answer. And so, I challenge you to ask not what Strava can do for you! But what you can do for Strava!

Sincerely your favorite Virginian and former esteemed treasurer of treasuring,
Rylan Flint

Link to the University Of Maryland Club Running Strava Group: www.strava.com/clubs/umdclubrunning
Link to the Sign-Up page on Strava: www.strava.com

I would like to acknowledge Danny Schofield who wholeheartedly pledged his support for Strava while also acknowledging he secretly likes Running2Win. I’d also like to make note that Mark Twain is the smartest man to ever live and John F. Kennedy is a time traveler who plagiarized from me, not the other way around.

Briggs Briggs Briggs Briggs(and some puns) brought to you by your favorite Virginian


Hullo!!! For those of you that don’t know me I am Rylan as in maRYLANd, one of the current co-treasures, runner extraordinaire, the cream of the corn of Virginian type on this here team, fan of all things Nascar, occasional bike enthusiast(but most certainly not a traitor) and most recently the proud owner of liquid entertainment to aid in the vital construction of this eloquent blog post(If anyone guesses the correct brand they win a high 5 next time they hand me 5 dollars). I’ve decided to dedicate today’s blog post to everyone’s favorite Briggs…… Briggs! While I may be a bit biased(As he may or may not have sponsored this post) he certainly is my choice as number 1 webmaster. When I was but a lowly freshman I will tell you like let me be 89% honest I had no clue what the difference between a Clewley and a Briggs was. Over time however, as I discovered Barefoot Briggs(and honestly what the heck where’s the Oscar?) and began to know the real Briggs better I began to realize wow what a cool guy. Btw freshman Rylan I finally figured out what Brigg’s real name was(Who could have guessed he would’ve been named after that :0) Ok(or is it okay?) Okey so the “liquid entertainment” has really started to kick in I’ve if I could nominate Briggs for an award surely it would be for the what a great guy award because tbh what a guy. But also I might nominate him for the wow what a great guy award because what a great guy. Anybody that can successfully be as dedicated and cool as Briggs should be well commended(Sorry this got out of hand my mind keeps wandering off to Joey Logano the greatest Nascar driver of all time). Anyways I promised puns and that is what I shall dedicate the second half of this beautiful baby of a blog post to. Welllllll as I am fast realizing puns are hard to think of of a random Tuesday. It’s not like they’re just running through my mind. Honestly they’re hard to keep track of. I guess if you were a table you’d understand. But for all of those people reading this blog post I do apologize for you see I have continued to write well into a corner. And while I don’t mean to be sharp we must all look at this from the right angle and think am I really that acute? Ok or okay or okey? or k(I was told only to use this while I’m mad but for as crazy as I sound I might as well be) congrats y’all for making it to the end of Sophomore Rylan’s blog post ttfn!!!!!!! I’ll see y’all on Wednesday please ask how my night went!

Ps: I just watched the Vox video on ok vs. okay highly recommended still think Victorian people are dumb tbh goddamn get a real bike and child free workspaces for heavens sake

365 days of running!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello fellow running enthusiasts! While I’m not one to brag I did a thing that I thought would be cool to share. This past year starting December 29th 2016 I decided I would run at least 1.61 kilometers or 1 mile a day for a year. I’m proud to say after 365 days of putting one foot in front of the other I’ve done it. So what does 1 year of running in Rylan’s shoes look like? My physical/spiritual journey took me to 7 states, 6 countries, saw me cover roughly 2,500 miles, destroy 4 pairs of running shoes, drink 18 gallons of chocolate milk, and burn roughly 215,000 calories (for the record that’s 860 packages of peanut M&M’s). I ran through colonial capitals, up volcanos, past giant soybean statues, and even took a stab at the now infamous historic Berwyn running tour. Looking back I’ve found these experiences, extraordinary for a reason, that surprised even myself. Every day I have been fortunate enough to wake up thinking today I’m going to go for a run. Regardless of the weather, location, people, or life situation I could be certain that I would lace up my running shoes and go out for a run. This unwavering commitment to something so small and meaningless might confuse a lot of people, but to me it opened my eyes to the wonders of dedication and passion. Such passion has led me to meet other running obsessed individuals who, even though they put my hat on the flagpole and made fun of my aqua jogging, I would consider some of my most best friends. So where does this leave you, UMD Club Running blog readers. Maybe you’re already an avid runner or perhaps I made you read this and you absolutely detest bipedal movement. Whatever your situation I encourage you to start a streak of your own whether it be running related or not you are sure to find something special from it!

Here’s to many more years of running and new streaks for the new year!

Tips from a freshman Terp Runner ;)

Hello past, present, and future Maryland Club Runners if you’ve made it this far congratulations either Briggs forced you onto his spiffy new website or you’re so dedicated you dug deep enough to find the blog. Regardless you’ve managed to find something super special… my first ever blog post!!! So sit back and relax as I take you through my top 4 tips for freshmen Terp Runners!

1. North by Northwest, Cherry Chill, Riverdale, which running route do I take?
Look I’ll be frank with you College Park may not seem like the best place to run, but in all honesty it’s not half bad. If all you’ve done for 4 years was jog around campus that’s your loss. There are miles of trails where you can go up hills, run around lakes, and even long run down to D.C. Whatever you choose to do just remember every Thursday, 4-7, is the Riverdale farmers market, hey food detours are always acceptable in my book.

2. Never underestimate the value of your guest pass
Like me maybe you got your dinning plan and said why would I need 6 guest passes I don’t know a single upperclassman at Maryland. That my friend is where you’ve gone wrong, guest passes are an invaluable commodity. Oh you’ve perfected the left hand swipe you say! The left hand swipe may often be seen as cold and disconnected instead show your favorite upperclassman some love and maybe tomorrows workout won’t be so hard.

3.What is Briggs’s real name?
I’m going to be honest with you… I don’t know. If you can figure out the real story behind why he’s called Briggs please let me know it’s been 6 weeks and all I’ve gotten is some story about a Trey sized bear and perpetually being known as a freshman.

4. Should I race? 8k’s/6k’s seem hard and why waste a perfectly good Saturday on running?
Should you? is this even a question of course you should! Okay to be fair we all know that feeling when you show up to a meet with the immense pressure of 2 coaches and an entire team on your shoulders. Well you’re on the club team now the only pressure should be to win the free candy bars the top 10 runners get. Maybe the heat got to you today and you couldn’t quite crack the top 10 never fear someone is always down for chipotle where you can celebrate that new Pr with a burrito bowl and the brand new chipotle queso. On another note if your race was in the state of Virginia that’s a prize unto itself.

Well there it is my first ever blog post! Hope you learned something because at the time of it’s posting this is officially a top 6 blog post. Have great evening and keep on running!

Your favorite freshman from Virginia!