Hot New Routes

It’s about that time of the year when I have to bring the blog back to life, so here are some new routes! As always, I highly recommend looking at the maps of the routes and/or bringing your phone so that you don’t get lost!

Cherry Chill Loop (4.9 miles): Fun fact: Cherry Chill can be looped by running through Hollywood! Once you get past the second bridge on cherry chill, take a right and cross Route 1 and head up Hollywood road. Once you reach Rhode Island Ave, take a right and head towards Greenbelt road and back to campus.

Greenbelt Metro (7.1 miles): This route starts the same as the cherry chill loop, except you go through Hollywood to the Greenbelt Metro station, and back through the new neighborhoods. Just be cautious when running through the metro station, as you will literally be running right by the turnstiles people use to get to the platform. Wouldn’t recommend this one with a large group of people.

Semi-Historic Berwyn (4.75 miles): Have you ever wanted to run around all the historic sites in Berwyn? Me neither! But here’s a route in case you had the sudden urge to do so. There are a couple gates on this run, but they have pedestrian entrances on the sides of them, so be on the look out for those. Disclaimer: There aren’t THAT many historic spots on this run.

Cemetery Loop / Hills for days (9.9 / 6.2 miles): This one just sounds like torture, and to some degree it is, but it is also home to some of the best places to run (in my opinion). There is a shortcut to get to this route behind courtyards, which I have shown on the map. This route can be an out and back, and it’s 6.2 miles if you turn around right at the cemetery. If you decide to run through the cemetery, you can reach the northwest branch trail, and take that back to campus. There are lots of hills, so don’t blame me if this route kills you.

Greenbelt Lake Loop (9.5 miles): Take a trip down memory lane back to the time trial at the beginning of the season and run to Greenbelt Lake! This route is pretty nice for a long run, and incorporates some trail running which is always nice. The map is pretty easy to follow.

Sligo Creek (10+ miles): I’m 90% sure I’m the only one who has done this run, but I 100% recommend it for a long run. Take University Blvd to the power lines, and then take those to the Sligo Creek trail. From here, head north for however long your heart desires. It’s about 3 miles to the trail, but once you get there it’s beautiful.

Stupid Neighborhoods (6.35 miles): This route was completely improvised because PG Plaza couldn’t be done, and it ended up being a big mash up of routes, but I kinda liked it so I decided to add it to this post. Look at the map before you run this one, or I guarantee you will get lost!!

That’s all for this post, let me know if you guys have any routes / distances you want me to add to the next one! Thanks for reading and happy running!




More Routes

The route-master extraordinaire has returned with more new routes for all to enjoy. In this edition, we have routes of both short and long length, so there’s bound to be something for everyone. I will not be including pictures of the routes in this post in order to keep it from reaching a colossal size, but feel free to click on the links to get a better view of the routes.

Lakes/ New Neighborhoods (5.72 miles): This route takes you through a new townhouse / neighborhood type thing off of greenbelt road, around a small lake, then back along lake artemesia. Also, about halfway through this route you can take a left once you get off of the trail and cross greenbelt road to get to Berwyn, if you’re looking for a longer run. Additionally, there’s a water fountain on this route, so that’s a plus. Look for it in the neighborhood. IMPORTANT NOTE: The trail is so new that the most recent satellite pictures from google maps do not show the trail, so if you look on the map and don’t see it, don’t worry, it’s there.

Greenbelt Roadkill (8.84 miles): Despite it’s name, this run is relatively safe, and there’s a beautiful lake you can run around. Pretty much a straight shot up greenbelt road, you’ll reach lakecrest drive around 3.4 miles, and once there, you can run around lake greenbelt, which is about a mile around, and on a nice gravel/ dirt trail. You can also run back through greenbelt park if you want, but that adds extra mileage to your run.

Lost (8.53 miles): Brought to you by Ryun, this run starts the exact same way as greenbelt roadkill, but you cross greenbelt road once you get to the greenbelt park entrance. Then, you take a left and follow the road all the way through the park, and down good luck road on to campus drive and back to campus. Beware of hills. Route name courtesy of Dab King himself.

Long neighborhoods (6.55 miles): This route is the OG “new route” I came up with last year. It’s your standard neighborhoods, but with around 2 miles added on around the university hills duck pond. You can also just do the duck pond part and head back to campus if you want to do a short run (~4 miles), or you can add on metro if you want to do a longer run (~9 miles).

PG Plaza (6.98 miles): This route has been around for a while, but it wasn’t on the website so I figured I would add it to this post. Run along adelphi road as if you were going to do neighborhoods, but don’t turn on to Well’s parkway, and instead run towards a tall building you will see on your right. Once at the plaza, CAREFULLY cross east-west highway (preferably at a stoplight) and run until you find a trail on your left, which will lead you to south-northwest, which you can take back to campus.

Hammock Park/ Art District (5.39 miles): This run takes you to the new hammock park in the art district off of river road. From the park, you can take many routes back to campus, ranging from simply turning around to hopping on riverdale. Also, with the completion of a bridge over the metro tracks, this route could be a loop which can loop back to south campus, but we’ll have to wait until the bridge is completed. I have it as an out-and-back on the map.

That’s all for now, I’ve got a few ideas for some more routes, but I’d like to run them first to see if they are actually viable. Thanks for reading, and happy running!



New Routes!

Mikey T’s Wild Wacky Day Off (8.5 miles):

I would recommend running this route with someone who has done it before if it’s your first time, but it just goes University blvd -> Drexel st -> sligo creek -> south northwest -> back to sph.


Briggs Beltway Bash (7.5 miles):

This one isn’t too hard to follow, just run on the trolley trail towards hamster cage but don’t turn towards hamster cage and keep running straight. Run on Rhode Island until you reach Sunnyside park, then follow the trail in the park to a tall building, then run back on Route 1 until you reach Cherry Hill, then take cherry chill back.


Cherry Kill (or Cherry don’t get yourself killed) (9.5 miles):

This one is pretty easy to follow, but I would avoid doing it with a large group, as you have to run on Cherry Hill rd, which is extremely sketchy. Go down cherry chill, then when you get to the end take a left, follow cherry hill until you reach sellman road, then run up the big hill and take a right on Montgomery back to route 1, then back to cherry chill and back to campus.


I’ll add more routes as they are discovered. S/o to Colin for the names