Happy Valley Recap

Rebounding off a Saturday night of long travel, sketchy pizza places, and a hotel of questionable hygiene, the members of Maryland Club Running discovered quite the shock before resting up for the night. The hotel which they inhabited did indeed offer “breakfast,” but the magic word “complementary” was notably absent from that description. Panicked visions of famine and […]

Absolutely Not

Greetings blog readers. There’s an awful lot of crazy controversy going around, and while Rylan is perfectly entitled, by the First Amendment of our constitution, to express his objectively and obnoxiously incorrect opinions, it’s important to stay true to the facts. Thus, here’s a quick cheat sheet for everyone to reference anytime you hear the fell word “Strava” […]

Purging the poison of Running2Win in a Strava starved society

Spartans vs. Athenians, Coke vs. Pepsi, Lamborghini vs. Ferrari, Marvel vs. DC, Cowboys vs. Indians. What do all these things have in common? Well their rivalries command a certain place in our hearts. From bloody Peloponnesian conflict to good old fashion western shootouts each of these rivalries have been balanced for centuries as if Justice herself has blindly […]

A Reflection

By Colin SyBing Dear UMD Club Running, As I write this, it’s almost midnight on Sunday November 11th (though it’ll probably be much longer before I finish). More specifically, I’ve just emerged from a post-Nationals car ride coma, checked the grade I received on the midterm I took right before leaving last week (eh), commented on a couple […]

The Odyssey of a Homemade Singlet

In loving memory of five dead pigeons               To truly understand the journey our beloved homemade singlet undertook during its glorious existence we must start from the beginning. Chapter I – The Canvas The date was February 16, 2018. The location was Thousand Oaks, California. I entered a running store with my aunt and mother called Roadrunner Sports. […]

Briggs Briggs Briggs Briggs(and some puns) brought to you by your favorite Virginian

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Hullo!!! For those of you that don’t know me I am Rylan as in maRYLANd, one of the current co-treasures, runner extraordinaire, the cream of the corn of Virginian type on this here team, fan of all things Nascar, occasional bike enthusiast(but most certainly not a traitor) and most recently the proud owner of liquid entertainment to […]