The Life of a Power Walker

Short post here about the life of a power walker

A sequel to Jacob Grant’s Life of an Aqua Jogger

A response to Matt Stasiukevicius’s A Brief Slam

The power walker is, with no doubt, the victim of some freak accident

That relegates him to go with out biking or running when practicin’

His team runs off, and he just watches, then meanders to some road or trail

He looks at the wrist where his watch is, time is going slow he wants to bail


Without focus… he must choose a mission

He picks a quick 5k walk ambition

Your power walker does tempos to condition

Yes! With much haste he trains his legs to perdition



The power walker will face his race at the lake

Primed to chase, no time to waste, oh so much at stake

Well prepped, step after step, he draws closer to fate

In the end the thirty-minute mark he does break



Lack of competition has left a hole

Sick of repetition – set a new goal

The W at Cap Relays might make him whole

Hit a stint of sprint training with all his soul


Gun goes off and he dashes like Lighting McQueen

He crashes, fatigue hit him like a tambourine

Guy passes and crushes the power walker’s dreams

What a sad way to end such a wonderful meme


Defeat was not part of the plan

Training and reigning champ, not hand and hand

But now he seems to understand

Its not how fast you walk – its why you walk… M A N

One thought on “The Life of a Power Walker”

  1. Say the word and I will make your dreams come true

    Ill break your shoulder again, and bring back the days that you probably rue

    If having an ice cream cone shoulder is what you indeed seek

    Then I shall do my duty. But we will just say the ice you slipped on was sleek

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