X-Post from a Terp Runner

To Whom It May Concern:

It has come to my attention that a grievous error has been present in at least the past four (4) Maryland Club Running Weekly Emails. It can be seen in the most recent email I am replying to under the heading 8. Fun Stuff, sub-heading SPRING FORMAL. If you direct your attention to the first sentence in that section, you can read the following: “For the first time in Club Running history, we will have a SPRING FORMAL!”

That statement is simply not true.

I know first hand that a Club Running Spring Formal was held in May of 2013 at the (now defunct) Clarion Inn on Route 1. If need be, I can supply photographs of this event that will positively identify myself attending the formal as well as a timestamp that places the formal in the spring season of the year 2013.

To read this administration so confidently assert that they are, in fact, the first to schedule a Spring Formal has, to say the least, disgusted me. I expect more from a club that prides itself in respecting its history and those that came before them.

If this error is not corrected, I will be forced to take more aggressive action against this administration. I am looking forward to your response.

Chris Steenkamer
UMD Club Running ’12-’16

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