Maryland Club Running Men's Indoor Track & Field All-Time Performance List

Race Distance Record Holder Time Year and Race
Men's 60 meter:Reggie Carnegie 7.122018 Happy Valley Invitational
Men's 60m Hurdles:Drew Lepre 8.672018 Happy Valley Invitational
Men's 200 meter:Brion Tillman-Young 22.172018 Happy Valley Invitational
Mens's 400 meter:Brion Tillman-Young 51.752016 Happy Valley Invitational
Men's 800 meter:Ryan Scott 1:59.452016 Happy Valley Invitational
Men's 1 Mile:Andrew Ceruzzi 4:23.612016 Maryland Terrapin Invitational
Men's 3000 meter:Patrick Hanley 8:49.132016 Happy Valley Invitational
Men's 4x200m Relay:Jonathan S., Kareem M., Drew L., Fares M. 1:37.532018 Happy Valley Invitational
Men's 4x400m Relay:John B., Scott R., Ryan S., Brion Y. 3:36.122016 Happy Valley Invitational
Men's Distance Medley Relay:Ethan B., DeWayne H., Daniel J., Jack W. 11:03.992018 Happy Valley Invitational
Men's Long Jump:Chris Mitchell 5.85m2018 Happy Valley Invitational
Men's Triple Jump:Pramodh Manian 12.00m2018 Happy Valley Invitational
Men's High Jump:David Tarcza 6'2''2016 Happy Valley Invitational

Maryland Club Running Men's Outdoor Track & Field All-Time Performance List

Race Distance Record Holder Time Year and Race
Men's 100 meter:O'Reginald Carnegie 11.332018 Danny Curran Invitational
Men's 110m Hurdles:Matthew Marcel 16.152016 Loyola Hopkins Invitational
Men's 200 meter:Zach Johnson 22.942016 Loyola Hopkins Invitational
Men's 400 meter:Brion Tilman-Young 50.362016 Cavalier Invitational
Men's 400m Hurdles:Evan Gresser 57.032017 Maryland Invitational
Men's 800 meter:Ryan Scott 1:55.532016 Paul Kaiser Classic
Men's 1500 meter:Colin Sybing 4:01.572018 Danny Curran Invitational
Men's 1600 meter:Colin Sybing 4:31.002018 Capital Relays
Men's 1 Mile:Ryun Anderson 4:252016 Cavalier Invitational
Men's 3000 meter:Patrick Hanley 8:45.452016 Paul Kaiser Classic
Men's 3000m Steeplechase:Jack Wavering 9:59.602018 Paul Kaiser Classic
Men's 5000 meter:Patrick Hanley 14:52.822015 Widener Invitational
Men's 10000 meter:Patrick Hanley 31:52.672016 William and Mary Tribe Invitational
Men's 4x100m Relay:Evan G., Lester C., Mark A., Brion Y. 43.502017 Penn Relays Carnival
Men's 4x200m Relay:Adam F., Scott R., Marcus P., Zach J. 1:33.272016 Club Penn Relays
Men's 4x400m Relay:Evan G., Lester C., Mark A., Brion Y. 3:23.382017 Penn Relays Carnival
Men's 4x800m Relay:Ryan K., Daniel J., Danny S., Colin S. 8:09.432018 Terrapin Invitational
Men's Sprint Medley Relay::Zach J., Marcus P., Dylan B., Adolfo B. 3:34.412016 Club Penn Relays
Men's Distance Medley Relay:Patrick H., Adolfo B., Scott B., Chris S. 10:56.132015 Club Penn Relays
Men's 4x1600m Relay:Ethan B., Trey C., Adolfo B., Chris S. 18:40.802016 Club Penn Relays
Men's Long Jump:Nabieu Kamara 20-10.752016 Paul Kaiser Classic
Men's Triple Jump:Pramodh Manian 12.04m2018 Danny Curran Invitational
Men's High Jump:Pramodh Manian 1.96m2018 Paul Kaiser Classic
Men's Pole Vault:James Lynott 3.45m2017 Danny Curran Invitational
Men's ShotputGraham Vinyard 10.42m2018 Terrapin Invitational
Men's Discus:Noah Chong 28.35m2018 Maryland Invitational
Men's JavelinNoah Chong 33.81m2018 Maryland Invitational

Criteria for record-breaking performances:

1. The runner must be an active member of Maryland Club Running.

2. The reported time must be verifiable (i.e. unofficial splits during a race or breaking the 8K record during a tempo run does not count). Chip time is also preferred over gun time whenever available.