Maryland Club Running Men's XC/Road Running All-Time Performance List

Race Distance Record Holder Time Year and Race
Men's 5000 meter:Chris Steenkamer 0:15:262012 Cavalier Invitational 5K
Men's 8000 meter:Chris Steenkamer 0:25:002015 NIRCA Mid-Atlantic Regionals
Men's 10000 meter:David Bernstein 0:33:162007 Pike's Peek 10K
Men's 10 Mile:Chris Steenkamer 0:54:062016 Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run
Men's Half Marathon:David Bernstein 1:15:392007 Baltimore Half Marathon
Men's Marathon:Sean Rath 2:43:092011 National Marathon

Criteria for record-breaking performances:

1. The runner must be an active member of Maryland Club Running.

2. The reported time must be verifiable (i.e. unofficial splits during a race or breaking the 8K record during a tempo run does not count). Chip time is also preferred over gun time whenever available.