Maryland Club Running Women's Indoor Track & Field All-Time Performance List

Race Distance Record Holder Time Year and Race
Women's 60m Hurdles:Brittany Taylor 10.272017 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's 400 meter:Shannon MacMaster 1:07.832017 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's 800 meter:Katrina Hrabinski 2:29.242018 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's 1600 meter:Shannon Ferguson 5:33.742012 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's 1 Mile:Shannon MacMaster 5:43.082018 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's 3000 meter:Emily Ruppel 11:06.182013 Widener Open
Women's 4x400m Relay:Katrina H., Erin L., Julia H., Catie D. 4:37.532017 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's Distance Medley Relay:Katrina H., Shannon M., Luanne Z., Ellen T. 13:24.172018 Happy Valley Invitational

Maryland Club Running Women's Outdoor Track & Field All-Time Performance List

Race Distance Record Holder Time Year and Race
Women's 100 meter:Grace Olawuni 12.802017 Loyola Hopkins Invitational
Women's 100m Hurdles:Brittany Taylor 16.662016 Loyola Hopkins Invitational
Women's 200 meter:Paige Munshell 28.922018 Paul Kaiser Classic
Women's 400 meter:Sabine Huber 1:00.182016 Loyola Hopkins Invitational
Women's 400m Hurdles:Grace Olawuni 1:10.362017 Loyola Hopkins Invitational
Women's 800 meter:Katrina Hrabinski 2:22.742016 Swarthmore Last Chance Qualifier
Women's 1500 meter:Katrina Hrabinski 4:59.532016 Paul Kaiser Invitational
Women's 1 Mile:Luanne Zimmermann 5:522016 Cavalier Invitational
Women's 3000 meter:Shannon MacMaster 10:27.592018 Paul Kaiser Invitational
Women's 3000m Steeplechase:LeAnne Young 12:25.182016 Swarthmore Last Chance Qualifier
Women's 5000 meter:Julia Heiges 18:30.782017 Loyola Hopkins Invitational
Women's 4x100m Relay:Sabine H., Brittany T., Grace S., Alana F. 53.862016 Loyola Hopkins Invitational
Women's 4x200m Relay:Sabine H., Grace S., Alana F., Ester K. 2:02.592016 Club Penn Relays
Women's 4x400m Relay:LeAnne Y., Katrina H., Luanne Z., Sabine H. 4:28.572016 Club Penn Relays
Women's 4x800m Relay:Shannon M., Luanne Z., Julia H., Katrina H., 10:13.972018 NIRCA National Championships
Women's Sprint Medley Relay:Brittany T., Sabine H., Shannon M., Sam F. 4:47.182015 Club Penn Relays
Women's Distance Medley Relay:LeAnne Y., Rachel E., Rachel N., Sami T. 14:39.332016 Club Penn Relays
Women's 4x1600m Relay:LeAnne Y., Sara S., Shannon M., Emily R. 23:46.232015 Club Penn Relays
Women's Long JumpGrace Stanton 14'10.75''2016 Loyola Hopkins Invitational
Women's Triple JumpTara Basir 9.62m2018 Paul Kaiser Classic

Criteria for record-breaking performances:

1. The runner must be an active member of Maryland Club Running.

2. The reported time must be verifiable (i.e. unofficial splits during a race or breaking the 8K record during a tempo run does not count). Chip time is also preferred over gun time whenever available.