Maryland Club Running Women's Indoor Track & Field All-Time Performance List

Race DistanceRecord HolderTimeYear and Meet
Women's 60 meterPaige Munshell8.852019 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's 60m HurdlesSofia Grossman10.142020 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's 200 meterSofia Grossman29.622020 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's 400 meterMolly Wilson1:04.062022 Happy Valley Invite
Women's 800 meterKate Eckart2:24.412020 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's 1 mileShannon Ferguson5:33.742012 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's 3000 meterShannon MacMaster10:14.532020 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's 4x400m RelayCatie Denz
Erin Langille
Julia Heiges
Katrina Hrabinski
4:37.532017 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's Distance Medley RelayEllen Tuttle
Katrina Hrabinski
Luanne Zimmermann
Shannon MacMaster
13:24.172018 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's High JumpSofia Grossman1.52m2020 Happy Valley Invitational
Women's Shot PutSofia Grossman10.31m2023 Happy Valley Invite

Maryland Club Running Women's Outdoor Track & Field All-Time Performance List

Race Distance Record Holder Time Year and Race
Women's 100 meterGrace Olawuni12.802017 Hopkins Invitational
Women's 100m HurdlesBrittany Taylor16.662016 Hopkins Loyola Invitational
Women's 200 meterMolly Wilson27.182022 Terrapin Invite
Women's 400 meterSabine Huber1:00.182016 Hopkins Loyola Invitational
Women's 400m HurdlesGrace Olawuni1:10.362017 Danny Curran Invitational
Women's 800 meterKate Eckart2:21.522019 Kehoe Invitational
Women's 1500 meterShannon MacMaster4:44.132019 NIRCA Nationals
Women's 1600 meterAnna Weiksner5:42.702023 Dashing Dukes Invitational 2023
Women's 1 MileShannon MacMaster5:17.762019 Cavalier Invitational
Women's 3000 meterShannon MacMaster10:27.592018 Paul Kaiser Classic
Women's 3000m SteeplechaseKatrina Hrabinski12:12.572019 NIRCA Nationals
Women's 5000 meterShannon MacMaster17:48.362019 NIRCA Nationals
Women's 10000 meterShannon Young40:35.562019 Widener Invitational (D3)
Women's 4x100m RelayAlana Frederique
Brittany Taylor
Grace Stanton
Sabine Huber
53.862016 Hopkins Loyola Invitational
Women's 4x200m RelayAlana Frederique
Esther Kwara
Grace Stanton
Sabine Huber
2:02.192016 Club Penn Relays
Women's 4x400m RelayDiana Liepinya
Kayleigh McNeill
Lila Coffman
Molly Wilson
4:26.732022 Paul Kaiser Invite
Women's Sprint Medley RelayBrittany Taylor
Sabine Huber
Sam F
Shannon McHale
4:47.182015 Club Penn Relays
Women's 4x800m RelayJulia Heiges
Katrina Hrabinski
Luanne Zimmermann
Shannon MacMaster
10:13.972018 NIRCA Track & Field National Championship
Women's Distance Medley RelayLeAnne Young
Rachel Egan
Rachel Norton
Sami Tocman
14:39.332016 Club Penn Relays
Women's 4x1600m RelayEmily Ruppel
LeAnne Young
Sara Shonkwiler
Shannon McHale
23:46.232015 Club Penn Relays
Women's Long JumpMorgan Bailey4.71m2023 Kehoe Twilight
Women's Triple JumpTara Basir9.62m2018 Paul Kaiser Classic
Women's High JumpSofia Grossman1.60m2022 NIRCA Nationals
Women's ShotputSofia Grossman10.44m2023 Hopkins Loyola Invite
Women's DiscusSofia Grossman21.94m2022 Terrapin Invite

Criteria for record-breaking performances:

1. The runner must be an active member of Maryland Club Running.

2. The reported time must be verifiable (i.e. unofficial splits during a race or breaking the 8K record during a tempo run does not count). Chip time is also preferred over gun time whenever available.

3. During the pandemic, online races verified by eye-witness, video, and gps will be reviewed by the officers. Submit all evidence(s) here